Hiking the Fort Leonard Wood Area Trails

Apr 30, 2020, 15:27 PM
The Fort Leonard Wood area is home to beautiful trails that provide a breath of fresh air to all who visit them. With gorgeous water features, rock formations, and greenery all over the region, explorers and nature lovers have much to enjoy.

Here are ten of our local favorites.

Please be sure to check with local authorities about closures and to follow all social distancing and safety guidelines that are in effect. 

1. Clifty Creek Natural Area

Located in Dixon, MO, Clifty Creek offers a 2.8 mile hiking loop with gorgeous rock formations and river crossings. It's a great place to bring children and pets for an afternoon outdoors! 

2. Fort Leonard Wood Towersite

While this is not a traditional hiking trail, it's an awesome experience and fantastic exercise as you climb to the top of this 85-foot tall tower. Sweeping views of beautiful foliage will grace you from the top, but, beware of weather conditions, as this is not the best place to be on a windy day. 

3.  Bray Conservation Area

An easy trail for all skill levels can be found at the Marguerite Bray Conservation Area in Rolla, MO. With a roughly 2 mile hiking loop through the woods, it's a great place to bring kids and leashed pets. 

4. Kaintuck Hollow Acorn Section Trail 

If you're looking for a more difficult and longer trail in the area, Kaintuck Hollow is the one for you. This 8.3 mile loop does have some stream crossings, so it is known to get wet and muddy if there has been rain or snow in the forecast. 

5. Big Piney Trail 

The longest trail on the list, the Big Piney Trail is 16.1 miles long. It has beautiful (seasonal) waterfalls and lovely forest views located not too far away in the Paddy Creek Wilderness area. 

6. Trail of the Four Winds

If you want to take a day trip to Lake of the Ozarks State Park, the Trail the of Four Winds is the perfect thing to explore! It features lake views along the 4 mile path, and even horses are allowed to use this trail. 

7. Magruderville 

Located in Edgar Springs, MO, Magruderville is great for biking, hiking, and trail running. It's an 8 mile trail managed by locals Tom and Jackie. 

8. Lion's Club Trail 

Another great trail for hiking, mountain biking, and running is the Lion's Club Trail in Rolla, MO. The beautiful forest setting will immerse you in nature right away and allow you to relax, explore, and clear your mind. 

What are your favorite trails in the area? We'd love to see your photos! 
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