National Parks that are Just One Stop Away from Fort Leonard Wood

Feb 27, 2020, 23:04 PM
WSRA Blog 2020 National Parks Just One Stop Away

After a long, cold winter, spring break is the perfect time to gather up the family and head outdoors! What better way to enjoy nature than by visiting one of our gorgeous national parks? As a member of the military, you're entitled to a free pass called America the Beautiful that gets you and your family into all national parks for free. Any national park should be able to give you this pass as long as you have your Military ID available. 

While some of our national parks are not easy to get to by air, there are eight that you can get to either directly from Fort Leonard Wood or by making just one stop at St. Louis and then heading on your journey. These parks are an hour and a half’s drive or less away from a major airport. 

If American Airlines flies to one of these destinations, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of our new single itinerary booking and baggage transfer with Expedia

Gateway Arch National Park

Just twenty minutes from STL, Gateway Arch National Park is the closest one on our list! You can get there directly from Fort Leonard Wood (no Military ID required) in about thirty minutes. 

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah is about an hour from both Washington-Dulles and Washington-Reagan. If you book to Reagan, you can hop on an American Air flight and seamlessly transfer your baggage to your final destination. 

Everglades National Park 

A trip to warm, sunny Florida sounds perfect for spring break! Everglades National Park is about an hour from Miami’s international airport, and it’s another single-itinerary booking option, as American Airlines flies there from St. Louis. 

Indiana Dunes National Park 

Just about an hour from both Chicago Midway and Chicago O’Hare, Indiana Dunes is a great escape that’s not too far away! For single itinerary booking, book your trip on American Airlines via Expedia to O’Hare. 

Hot Springs National Park 

Would it be amazing to warm up in a cozy hot spring after a long day outside? If so, Hot Springs National Park is for you! Located about an hour from the airport in Little Rock, you can get there on Southwest Airlines. When flying with Southwest (or any other airlines), be sure to head to the new airline’s counter to recheck your bags. 

Rocky Mountain National Park 

Rocky Mountain National Park is about an hour and a half from Denver International Airport. From St. Louis, you can get there directly on Frontier, United, and Southwest. 

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley is another park that you can get to after just a short drive from the airport. Fly into Cleveland on Southwest and you’ll be there in no time! 

Mount Rainier National Park

Seattle is a few hours drive from three national parks, but Mount Rainier is the closest at about an hour and half long drive. If you have time, we highly recommend you visit Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park on your trip too! 

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