Presidents Day 2020: A Historical Trip to St. Louis

Jan 9, 2020, 11:03 AM


Next month we will spend time honoring the Presidents of our nation as two of the most influential leaders of the United States celebrate their birthdays. While most may have the day off from work or school, this day is a great opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiences and step into our nation’s history. During this long weekend, we definitely recommend a trip to see St. Louis’ historic sites - especially to those that honor our Presidents.

We make it easy to get to St. Louis in about thirty minutes on Contour Airlines. We also offer free parking and wifi at our airport, making your trip as easy and convenient as it can be. Flights start at $39 each way, so book your flight today.

Step into History at These Places in St. Louis: 

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park

We’ve all heard of the Gateway Arch, but did you know that the reason for it and its surrounding grounds is to pay tribute to Thomas Jefferson? The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is comprised of the Gateway Arch (a National Historic Landmark), the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. Louis' Old Courthouse. 

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site 

Did you know that 18th President Ulysses S. Grant met his wife Julia at her family home right here in St. Louis? White Haven has been turned into a museum with interpretive yours, two separate museums, and a historic trail.  

The Wainwright Building

Located on Chestnut Street, The Wainwright Building was the first successful utilization of steel frame construction, thus making it a historic staple in the building of St. Louis, and America. Architects Adler and Sullivan designed the building in 1891, and it’s architectural features, like an overhanging roof slab and circular top-story windows make it a beautiful site on the city streets. 

The Historic Daniel Boone House

Just outside of St. Louis, escape to the 1800s with a visit to the Historic Daniel Boone Home. See what life was like at home and what daring adventures awaited out on the prairie. With Boone’s home, a general store, a schoolhouse, and more on the property, it’s certainly worth the trip!    

Missouri Civil War Museum

The Missouri Civil War Museum depicts the vast role that the state of Missouri played in the Civil War. Originally built as a recreational facility for soldiers and then turned into soldier barracks, and then vacant for 60 years, the building didn’t become a museum until 2002. The museum has won numerous preservation awards. 

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