2020 Resolution: Travel More | Tips & Tricks for Adding more Travel into Your Life

Dec 19, 2019, 17:11 PM

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With the year wrapping up, the holiday season in full swing, and January right around the corner, we’ve started to think about what we want to accomplish in the next year and the next decade. A major goal that many of us have is to travel more, so we wanted to share some tips and tricks that can help us all to do that. If you have any other ideas that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them in the comments! 

Join rewards programs 

What’s better than traveling? Traveling for free! By joining the rewards programs of every company you book with (airlines, hotel chains, booking websites, car rental services, etc.), each dollar you spend is racking up points that can help you earn free flights, hotel stays, and car rentals. 

Choose one airline/hotel chain and stick with it 

To amplify your opportunity for awards, choose to give all of your business to one airline and one hotel chain. This will put all of your points towards the same rewards program, leading you to free flights and hotel stays quicker. 

Refer people to Airbnb to earn free nights 

If you like to use Airbnb when you travel, be sure to recommend it and refer your friends to the home rental service! If they sign up with your referral link and use Airbnb to book a stay, you both earn money. As of now, your friend will receive $40 off their home booking and you’ll receive up to a $30 travel credit once their stay is completed. 

Build trips onto PCSes and TDYs 

Military life offers tons of opportunities to turn work-related trips into vacations. PCSing across the country? Make a fun road trip out of it! Moving internationally? Think about fun places to stop along the way. When headed out of town for a TDY, maybe there’s a nearby city to explore. Take a few days of leave and have your family meet you wherever that is! 

Take advantage of military-specific deals and space-a

There are many, many ways to get military-specific deals on travel packages and even free (or nearly-free) travel on military jets with space available. One great resource is the Leisure Travel Services office on Fort Leonard Wood. For a list of other great resources, click here

Travel during off-peak times and choose non-peak dates for the places you want to visit 

To stretch your dollar farther, travel during non-peak times. Do some research on the place that you’d like to visit and learn when peak season is, then plan your visit for another time of year. This can often save you money on both airfare and lodging, while giving you all of the same attractions without as much of a crowd. 

What other tricks do you use to travel more? Share them down below or over on one of our social media channels!

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