Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Soldier

Aug 20, 2019, 11:22 AM
WSRA Blog 2019 Graduation Gifts

Whether your Soldier is about to graduate from Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, One Station Unit Training, or they’re completing a more advanced course, you might want to celebrate their big milestone with a gift. It can be hard to shop for such an important occasion, so we’ve put together a guide with practical ideas to help you out. Happy shopping! 

Medals and Insignia Box 

Throughout their career, your Soldier will be given the opportunity to earn medals and awards through their commitment to service and outstanding efforts. One great gift idea would be a display box to keep all of their future awards. With frequent moves being a military staple, this will help your Soldier keep his or her awards safely in one place, so none of them get lost, while showing your Soldier that you support him or her in their career.  

A Multitool

If you’re looking to give a gift with endless function and a high coolness factor, a multitool might be the perfect gift. Compact enough to fit in a pocket, your now highly-trained Soldier is likely to find a multitool to be invaluable in both everyday and life-saving situations. There are many brands to choose from in various price points, so this gift option is likely to fit any budget. 


Something that you will see a lot from proud military members is artwork or memorabilia from the units or battalions they were a part of. While Soldiers with many different brand assignments train at Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Leonard Wood is home to the Military Police Corps, the Engineer Corps, and the Chemical (CBRNE) Corps. Each of these branches has a gift shop at the on-post museum, and you may even be able to shop their stores online. If you are unable to find something you like in their official stores, we suggest searching the internet or Etsy for more options.

A Commemorative Coin or Coin Holder 

As a military member, your Soldier will be given challenge coins from senior leaders throughout his or her career. As a special way to commemorate your Soldier’s graduation, you may want to create and order a personalized coin for them featuring their battalion or unit and graduation date. This would be a really special way for your Soldier to remember their great accomplishment, while getting them excited for future coins they may receive.

A Handwritten Note or Homemade Token 

Some of the most meaningful gifts in the world don’t cost much at all. Writing your Soldier a letter or putting your time and energy into making them something special can be a great way to express just how proud you are of them. 

Push-pin Map

Military service might take your Soldier to all corners of the world, and a push-pin map can be a great way for them to commemorate their future duty stations, deployments, and TDYs. This is an especially great idea for those who love to travel and have a long travel bucket list. 

Military Exchange Gift Card

After completing basic training, your Soldier will be heading to their first duty assignment, and an Exchange gift card is a very practical way to show your support. Your Soldier will likely be purchasing a lot when they first arrive at their new assignment, so, while a gift card might seem like the ‘easy way out,’ it will be extremely useful and your service member will be grateful. 

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