Your How-To Guide for Flying To & From the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport: Part 1

Mar 1, 2019, 20:12 PM

Flying From FLW

The addition of Contour Airlines’ jet service to the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport is a massive benefit to the entire Fort Leonard Wood Region. Not only is the jet service beneficial to commercial passengers, it also provides improved transportation access for local businesses and organizations and potential new or relocating businesses and organizations. We look forward to the improvements that are scheduled for the physical terminal and runway and we are excited to see how this service helps us strengthen the entire region.

We do want to ensure that all of our passengers clearly understand the new service and provide you with the information you need to effectively and efficiently use this service. We’ll be publishing a 2-part blog series on flying to and from the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport.

This week, we’ll walk you through exactly what to expect when you Fly from Fort Leonard Wood to St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Before we get started, we want to be clear about two important facts:

  1. Contour Airlines offers jet service between Fort Leonard Wood and St. Louis. We do not have any other routes and or any other service providers. Currently, passengers are only able to fly between Fort Leonard Wood and St. Louis.

  2. Contour Airlines has stated that their primary goal in 2019 is to obtain baggage agreements with all other major airlines. Obtaining these agreements would mean that if you check luggage when you leave Fort Leonard Wood, it will be checked all the way through to your destination. Currently, Contour Airlines does not have these agreements and if you do check luggage when you leave Fort Leonard Wood, you will have to collect it at baggage claim and recheck the luggage with your next airline carrier. We know this is a minor inconvenience, so we are very happy that Contour is committed to making this happen.
    *The exception with baggage agreements is Southwest Airlines. Southwest does not have baggage agreements, nor will they make them in the future, with any other airline. When Contour does solidify baggage agreements with other airlines, passengers transferring to a Southwest flight with checked baggage will still need to collect their checked luggage and recheck the luggage. Our team members have personally done this and it required very little additional time - probably 30 minutes at most.

Let’s get started!

Buying Your Ticket
Because Contour currently does not have a baggage agreement with other airlines, you’ll need to purchase your ticket on Contour Airlines separately from the rest of your itinerary. You can do this here or by going to

  • If you’ll only have carry-on luggage, you will not be impacted by this. You’ll simply collect your carry-on luggage and head to your next gate. For this reason, when you book the rest of your trip, just ensure you have enough time to get from the Contour gate to your next gate.

  • If you’ll have checked baggage, you’ll exit the terminal, collect your bags at baggage claim, recheck your bags, and re-enter the terminal through TSA security. When our team has done this in the past, it has taken approximately 30-45 minutes, but you should book your continuing flight based on the amount of time it will take you and your party to complete this task. (Again, please remember that even when Contour puts their agreements into place, they will not include Southwest Airlines, as they do not have baggage agreements with any other airline).

Getting to the WSRA
We are located on Fort Leonard Wood. This is an active duty Army installation. To enter, you’ll need a visitor’s pass. To get this pass, you simply need to stop at the visitor’s center and show your airline ticket and appropriate identification. This process should take less than 10-15 minutes.

Parking at the airport is free. Our parking lot is located across the street from the terminal. Once you enter the terminal, you’ll check in and check any baggage you have at our terminal desk. Our airport offers free wi-fi while you wait; however, food and drink options are limited.

Once your flight is ready to board, you’ll proceed through a TSA screening checkpoint. All normal TSA regulations apply. This process usually takes less time, as there are fewer people to screen.

Enjoy Your Flight
Your flight time will be less than 30 minutes, but there will be a drink and snack service offered. There are also restrooms located on the plane.

You’ll arrive into St. Louis Lambert International at gate C27 in terminal 1. You’ll continue on to your next flight based on if you have checked baggage.

If you have time before your next flight, we recommend grabbing a locally brewed beer at Schlafly or a burger at Grounded. There’s also a children’s play port by gate C3 and two USO facilities in terminals 1 and 2.

The St. Louis Metro can be accessed via Terminal 1 on the upper level (departures) and via the terminal 2 parking garage (lower level, arrivals).

We’ll see you upon your return to the Fort Leonard Wood Region! Make sure to stop by our blog next week as we share the second part of this series - Flying Into the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport.
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