Holiday Block Leave Support

Dec 11, 2018, 12:04 PM
2018 WSRA Blog Holiday Block Leave Support

Your Soldier in Training is coming home for the holidays!! You’ve scheduled travel (through the WSRA, we hope!), planned out meals and treats, made plans for family and friends to visit while he or she is home, and you just can’t wait to share these few days with your sweet child…who you swear was sitting on Santa’s lap asking for a new bike just last year. The opportunity to have your Soldier in Training home for a few days in the midst of the stress of basic training is a welcome relief and joy for all military families.

Taking a break during the grueling days of basic training can also be challenging for your Soldier in Training. Physical training is imperative during this time and the mental toughness that comes along with the discipline needed to stay in the best shape possible is hard to maintain when going home for the holidays. For this reason, we created a quick list of ways military families can support their Soldiers in Training as they come home for holiday block leave.

  1. Plan for one splurge day while they’re home. This may be Christmas or another day, but save sweet treats, second helpings, etc. for this one day.
  2. Offer a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats for all meals while your Soldier in Training is home for block leave.
  3. Schedule time in the whole family’s schedule for physical activity. Even if this means you go on a walk and your SIT completes a running or weight lifting workout, blocking out time for the whole family to be active can help encourage your SIT to stay on track.
  4. Though your family and friends are anxious to see your SIT while he or she is home on block leave, consider minimizing large gatherings with a lot of people. Basic training is mentally and physically exhausting. Check in with your SIT when they arrive home to see how they’re doing and make plans from there based on his or her energy level.
  5. Don’t forget to spend some time during your SIT’s block leave to talk to him or her about how training is going. Let your SIT know that you’re proud of their dedication and choice to serve our nation and encourage him or her to give their all as they head back to Fort Leonard Wood.

Again, block leave is a welcome reprieve, but also a major challenge for many SITs. Your support during this time will mean a great deal to your Soldier in Training – this is what military families do for their service members. Welcome to the club!

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