WSRA Celebrates Military Children

Apr 4, 2018, 21:04 PM


Since 1986 when then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger first designated April as the Month of the Military Child, every April our nation has gathered together to recognize the strength and service of military children.

Today, close to two million military children grow up in a world of constant flux and change. Their service doesn’t come through putting on a uniform or by training on weekends. It is demonstrated through their ability to thrive as parents come and go, the start new schools, they leave friends and make new ones, and they settle into new homes.

Their world is full of challenges, both large and small, and yet they find a way. They develop a unique answer to the common question ‘where are you from?’ and learn quickly how to simply find the bathrooms in a new school.

Of course, their life is filled with great joy and excitement, too. Many military children get the opportunity to live in different places around the world. They try local foods, explore unique landscapes, pick up new languages, and end up with friends sprinkled in almost every corner of the globe. They learn early on that we are part of a global society.

Our nation owes a great deal to these children who often share goodnight hugs and kisses, learn to drive, go on first dates and to Prom, and graduate high school or college all while their military parent watches through pictures, video, or, if they’re lucky, Facetime or Skype.

Due to the perseverance they develop from these experiences, it only makes sense that military children are represented by the dandelion. Their seeds blow through the wind and end up in the most unlikely of places. They establish roots, bloom, and again scatter with the wind. This frequent pattern develops a grit and strength only known by military children.

Our entire team at the WSRA appreciates our nation’s military children and we value their service. Every time we see a dandelion bloom or it’s seed blowing through the wind, we’ll say a little thank you to these children who have given so much to our country.   

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