5 Reasons to Fly In

Mar 29, 2018, 10:17 AM

WSRA Blog Post 5 Reasons to Fly In

As an aviator, you’ve spent lots of time viewing our beautiful country from the sky. You love taking trips to new places, and it’s easy to do because you have your own aircraft. So, as the weather warms up and you're looking for a new area to explore, the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport has you covered!

Located on Fort Leonard Wood (but open to the public), there are many activities that are just a short drive from the airport, with some exciting things located right on post.

We’ve listed 5 awesome places to check out in Pulaski County, and we hope that you enjoy them! For more places to explore nearby, visit the Pulaski County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Mark Twain National Forest

Partially located in Phelps County, this national forest was established in 1939. It provides gorgeous landscapes that would make a stunning background for family photos. There are tons of activities that can be done across the forest, both on land and stream. Bring your tent, and you can even spend the night under the stars.

John B Mahaffey Museum Complex

This military museum complex is located right on Fort Leonard Wood, not far the airport. There are both indoor and outdoor components, and something for everyone interested in U.S. history. From the outdoor military vehicle museum, to the replica World War II campsite featuring barracks and more, to the several other museums taking you through history for several specific military platoons, you are sure to learn something new.

Roubidoux Creek

This historic Trail of Tears creek provides a beautiful walking trail and fields to relax or throw a ball around. It is a cold-water trout creek and fishing is permitted during several months of the year. Located in Waynesville, MO, it is just a few miles from the airport and easily accessible for a quick layover activity.

Miller’s Cave

Located just off of Fort Leonard Wood, this beautiful cave overlooks the Big Piney River, offering stunning views and opportunities to explore. You can hike through the cave to one of the two openings overlooking the river, while searching for evidence of human occupancy on the cave walls. Artifacts from this cave are displayed at the Smithsonian, making it an American history stop you don’t want to miss.

Route 66 Courthouse Museum

This museum is one of the only two period courthouses on Route 66 in Missouri. Located in Waynesville, it was built in 1903, and housed much of Pulaski County’s government operations all the way up until 1990. You can take guided tours of different wings and rooms throughout the courthouse and can shop for iconic Route 66 souvenirs.

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