Spring Break Safety Tips

Mar 8, 2018, 16:03 PM

WSRA Blog Post SB Safety Tips

Are you and the family ready to head out for Spring Break? Have you packed everything you need, researched all of the fun activities for your family, and made arrangements for your furry family members? If so, the only thing left to do is to ensure you stay safe while you’re away.

We’ve created a quick security list for you and your family to help keep you safe while you’re enjoying your vacation. If we missed anything, feel free to add it in the comments below.

  1. Invest in a good money belt that can be secured around your waist or your neck. You can wear these under your clothing and they significantly reduce the chance of you having your money, credit cards, passport, or identification stolen.
  2. Before you leave home, make copies of your credit cards and identification. Keep a copy with you and leave one in a special place at home or with a trusted friend so you have access to it if you lose your actual credit cards or identification.
  3. If you’ll be flying and need to use a taxi to get from the airport to your hotel or another destination, make sure to use only official taxis and only get a taxi from a marked stand at an airport.
  4. Stay alert while you’re in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. Follow the route on your phone using an app like Google Maps. If you feel unsafe at any time, leave money in the cab and leave the car immediately when it’s safe.
  5. If you’re driving, make sure you have a paper map with you – especially if you’re driving through a remote part of the country. It’s ok to still use your phone or GPS, but having a back-up never hurts.
  6. If you’re headed to a sunny locale or a higher altitude destination, start drinking lots of water before you leave for vacation. Ensuring you’re well hydrated will make for a much more enjoyable vacation experience.
  7. Beach vacations can be great fun for families, but a strong undertow or rip current can be incredibly dangerous, even for advanced swimmers. Ensure your children are wearing life jackets and never leave them unattended in the water.
  8. Be wary of people you meet on the street who offer you a deal that seems too good to be true, especially if you’re in a foreign country. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Before you leave home, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your house while you’re away. Getting their help to bring in trash cans and pick up newspapers will keep you a little safer. 
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