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Feb 27, 2018, 19:34 PM

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Podcasts are a great way to learn about an industry or topic. You can listen to them while you drive or even while you’re working. Podcasters are constantly putting out new podcasts…the amount of information out there is simply astounding!

Are you interested in flying or learning to fly? Do you already have your pilot’s license and enjoy all things General Aviation? Either way, we wanted to share our favorite seven podcasts with all of you and ask you to share your favorites with us. Leave us a comment below or send us an email at:

Here are our Top 7:

  1. Just Plane Radio – this is the only nationally syndicated radio show specifically covering the aviation lifestyle and provides information for those learning to fly. You can catch them live every Saturday at noon CST. 
  2. AvTalk – this podcast is produced by aviation geeks for aviation geeks. If you would qualify yourself in that category, this is the podcast for you! They present aviation news and usually an interview in their half hour segment. 
  3. Aviation News Talk – we really like this podcast because they cover a wide variety of safety tips and General Aviation news. Technology and safety seems to change continuously and we appreciate this podcast for keeping us up to date. 
  4. Aviation Week – being that we are the only joint use airport in the country, this podcast, which covers defense, space, and civil aviation is very interesting to us. We don’t get a lot of military aircraft in here, but it’s still interesting to learn about what’s happening in that section of aviation. 
  5. Airplane Geeks – this weekly podcast provides a wide variety of topics and interesting interviews with a number of individuals in aviation. Each episode lasts about two hours and they have almost 500 episodes under their belt. Definitely worth checking out…especially their recent episode featuring the NASA Chief Historian. 
  6. Simple Flight Radio – if you’re already a pilot and are looking for some great pilot hacks, this podcast is for you. A new episode comes out weekly and we love it for the insider tips and aviation lifestyle content. 
  7. AOPA Never Again – learning from other people’s mistakes is always a good thing, especially as a General Aviation pilot. This monthly podcast from industry giant AOPA, explores pilots errors and mistakes and teaches you how to avoid them when you’re in the cockpit. It’s interesting and an awesome resource. 
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