Spring Break Planning for the Family!

Feb 7, 2018, 10:18 AM

WSRA Blog Post Spring Break Planning

It may be cold and dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream of sunshine and warmer weather, right? Planning a spring break getaway can help get you through these gray days, so check out our tips for great family spring break tips below and get planning!

  1. Sports enthusiasts – if you have a sports fan in your house, consider making a trip to his or her favorite MLB team’s spring training site and catching a few of the season’s first games. Often times teams practice in warm weather locations, so this kind of getaway might allow you to enjoy a little spring-like weather while you’re there, too. If your sports enthusiast prefers basketball, this is prime March Madness season. Tournament games are located all over the country throughout March, so you may be able to find a few games near you!
  2. College bound – do you have a high school sophomore or junior who is already planning for college? Use spring break as an opportunity to visit the colleges or universities they’re most interested in. You could schedule a formal tour, but you might also want to check out the town or city to get a better feel for what it would be like to attend. If you are a military family, check out the resources offered by the Military Child Education Coalition before you plan your visit!
  3. Love the outdoors – find one of our nation’s beautiful national parks and prepare to explore! There are 58 national parks in the United States and each one offers a unique experience for visitors. If you’re a military family, you can obtain an America the Beautiful pass for free for your family! The National Park Service also offers several other discounts, including an $80 lifetime pass for seniors and an annual 4th grade pass for all students in 4th grade.
  4. Need to recharge – Sanibel Island in Florida is touted as the best beach for families in the country. With pristine white sand, plenty of opportunities for bike riding, and lots of seashells to collect, this is the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries.
  5. Ready to learn – Washington, D.C. is packed with free museums and monuments that tell the story of our nation’s history. Well before you leave for your trip, contact your local state Representative or Senator to schedule a tour of the capitol building and prepare to explore the rest of D.C. on foot (walking tours are great!) and via the Metro subway system. If you get a nice day, make sure to stop by the National Zoo and say hi to the pandas for us!
  6. Stay local – have you ever driven past that museum or small amusement park in your town or city and thought to yourself, “we should go there sometime”? Spring break is that time! Check out that local museum, new restaurant, kids play area, or amusement park and then reserve a hotel room at a local hotel for the night. Playing tourist has lots of advantages, but especially for military families who move around a lot, this option provides a great way to get to know your current home.

Don’t forget to start planning the details of your spring break trip early! If you’ll be out of town for a few days, now is the time to reserve a space at the kennel or reserve a pet sitter for your furry family members. If you’ll be gone for more than a couple of days, you might also consider having your mail held and arrange for someone to take your trash out for you. Taking care of these small things can lead to a much more enjoyable vacation in the long run.

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