Military Podcasts for Your Next Trip

Aug 24, 2017, 14:54 PM

Will you soon be flying to Fort Leonard Wood to watch your Soldier graduate from Advanced Individual Training (AIT) or will you be driving to visit family for the Labor Day weekend? If you have a long trip ahead of you – whether by plane, train, or car – you’ll need something to keep you entertained along the way, right?

Traveling is a great chance to catch up on your podcast listening. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about a topic you aren’t familiar with or a way to connect with a community. For those who are new to the military community, we’ve listed our favorite six military-focused podcasts below.

Take some time during your next trip – or even your lunch hour or this weekend – to check them out!

Military Mom Talk Radio – This is a great podcast that covers all aspects of military family life. If you don’t quite understand TriCare or aren’t sure how military childcare works, tune in and learn about all the nuances of military life.

Male Military Spouse Radio Show – Hosted by Dave Etter, this 2 hour podcast is actually a call-in web-radio show specifically geared toward male military spouses, but the information shared is really great for all military spouses.

Spouse Spouts – Co-hosted by Dave Etter and Susan Reynolds, you’ll learn so much about military life. They cover a wide range of military life topics that impact military spouses and family members.

Drop and Give Me 20 – Hosted by military spouse entrepreneur Lindsey Germono. She speaks with many Veteran and military spouse business owners about the challenges they face, as well as their successes. If you’re a new military spouse and want to maintain your career, this would be a great resource.

Happy Hour – This is the official podcast for NextGen MilSpouse. New military spouses should take advantage of this resource to better understand all of the benefits and challenges associated with being a military spouse.

Lifegiver – This amazing podcast, hosted by Corie Weathers, talks about all things military marriages. Military marriages are presented with a unique set of challenges. Corie talks about them openly and shares a variety of resources and experiences that help you remember that you aren’t the only one going through this.

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