Healthy Tips for Your Next Flight

Jul 26, 2017, 10:47 AM

Last week we came upon a great video by Samantha Brown about traveling and gas…and not the kind we put in airplanes or our cars – ha!

This video got us thinking…healthy eating while traveling is important, but those airport food courts lure us into making some bad decisions.

For those of us who have chosen to start our vacations in the airport, with too much yummy food and maybe a beer or two, we fully understand the importance of eating healthy while traveling and saving the vacation diet for when you arrive at your destination.

Check out our quick healthy eating tips for your next trip!

  1. If you’ll be getting up early to make your flight, toss something healthy and quick into your bag so you can eat on the way to the airport or while you’re waiting in the security line. Bringing food from home saves money, saves time, and ensures you know what you’re putting in your body.
  2. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after you go through security. Traveling and flying can cause dehydration which can cause you to overeat. Drink LOTS of water!
  3. If you must grab a meal at the airport, look for a restaurant that has some healthy options. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good option, as well as lean proteins like chicken or fish…as long as they aren’t fried.
  4. Eat small portions. The air pressure changes that occur during flights can naturally cause bloating. Don’t eat until you’re so stuffed you have to loosen your belt…eat enough to be full and be done.
  5. If you get to the airport early, spend time walking. If you have a travel companion that can watch your bag, leave it with them, but if not, bring a bag you can walk with. Even if you just leisurely stroll, you’re doing more for your body than sitting.
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