These are a Few of our Favorite (Travel) Things

Jul 17, 2017, 10:16 AM

Last week, like thousands of other Americans, we were pulled into Amazon Prime Day. If you succeeded in avoiding this event, your bank account is thanking you! Though we didn’t go bananas and overload our online shopping cart, we couldn’t help noticing all of the super cool travel gadgets we ran across. We made a list of our favorites (see below). If there’s a travel gadget you never leave home without, drop it in the comments below. We’re always looking for fun new toys!

Travel vacuum bags and cube packs – these would obviously do wonders for our organization when packing, but as a mom, these would also help keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes on the way home. Who wants to do more laundry than necessary when you return from vacation?

Neck wallet – though these are popular for people backpacking through Europe, they’re also amazing for anyone traveling with young children. Those who’ve done it know you need all the free hands you can get! We also love neck wallets because they just simply reduce the chance of losing important documents (i.e. passports, etc.), credit cards, and money. Nothing kills the vacation vibe like having your credit cards or passport stolen.

Reliable device that extends your phone’s battery – companies like mophie produce some awesome phone charging devices that don’t need an outlet and charging cord. They’re great when you’re on the go and need a little more battery life for your phone. We also love these Powrtabs Disposable Power Packs. Just toss a few in your bag in case you don’t have time to stop and wait for your phone to charge or you don’t make it back to the hotel when you thought you would.

Jump rope and exercise bands – we know these aren’t exactly new inventions, but you can put together a whole work out with just these two items and while never having to leave your hotel room. Maintaining a regular workout routine while on the road can really help with jetlag and help you feel more energized so you’re able to really enjoy your trip.

USB flash drive – these tiny devices can be handy when you need to transfer documents from one device to another. Whether you use it for work or maybe you purchased tickets for events during your trip and need to print an extra copy – a flash drive can be an easy solution to your problems.

A tablet or Kindle – traveling with lots of books and magazines in tow can be a hassle. They’re heavy to lug around and are often accidently left behind. Load your reading material onto one of these devices and you’ll make things much easier for yourself.

Noise cancelling headphones – these are pricey, but if you like to or need to sleep on a plane, they can be a lifesaver. They’re also helpful if you’ll use your flight time to work and need to concentrate. If you’re a regular traveler, they might be worth the investment.

Bonus Item – this item is pretty expensive, but we just couldn’t get over how awesome it was. The Bluesmart One suitcase is the suitcase of all suitcases. There’s a convenient pocket to store your tablet, a charger for your phone, a tough outer shell to deal with all of the bumps and bruises that accompany any trip, and it is standard carry-on size per FAA regulations. If you’re looking for an extra special gift to get someone special this Christmas, this might make a great gift! Check it out and start saving now…it’ll set you back more than $300 – yikes! Despite the price, this is definitely our favorite travel gadget!

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