Break Out the Pen and Paper - Tips for Writing to Your Soldier in Training

Jun 21, 2017, 13:19 PM

Soldiers in training, including those who are at Fort Leonard Wood for a variety of classes, appreciate hearing from home. However, sometimes the pressure to send the perfect letters to help your SIT or service member keep up his or her morale can be overwhelming.

Don’t let that stop you! There are lots of tips, hints, and tricks all over the internet, so keep searching and looking for fun, innovative ways to communicate with your Soldier while you’re separated.

Lucky for you, you can start your search right here! We’ve compiled some simple hints to make letter writing less cumbersome and more fun for the sender and receiver.

  1. Print out an easy questionnaire for your SIT. On the back, write a letter or note to him or her and when you mail the letter/questionnaire, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, which makes it easier for your Soldier to reply.
  2. Encourage other family members and friends to write to your Soldier. Knowing that it’s a team effort can take some pressure off you and provide him or her with some variety in the notes that are received.
  3. If your Soldiers has children – or younger siblings, cousins, etc. – include artwork from them in the letter. You can also trace the Soldier’s child’s hand or foot and have them color the drawing so your Soldier has a little piece of them while you’re separated.
  4. Include a few pictures from home (if your Soldier says they’re allowed) – maybe a funny one of the dog or of your children playing outside.
  5. Send a variety of mail – letters, postcards, greeting cards, etc. Mixing it up can take some pressure off the sender and provide the receiver with a little variety.
  6. Send a letter of jokes…laughter and smiles can be hard to come by during training, especially basic combat training.
  7. Don’t forget to keep those envelopes and letters clean and squared away. Don’t decorate the outside of the envelope and remember that whatever you send could be viewed by someone other than the recipient, including a drill sergeant.

This is definitely not a comprehensive list! What letter writing tips or hints do you stick to? Share them in the comments below!

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